Emotional Love And Betrayal Quotes Collection 04 June 2015

My favorite love and betrayal quotation and best saying collection in the dark.

If somone ever steals your man, there's NO better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men CANNOTbe stolen UNLESS he wants to.
emotional love quote, betrayal saying

10 things that shoowing your partner was cheating on you.
1. When they call yo with the wrong name.
2. When you walk around and they steady looking around to see if anybody would see you alltogether.
3. When they always have their phones on silent an face down.
4. When they started to take you for granted.
5. When they do not spend a lot of time with you like they used to.
6. When they always accusing you of cheating.
7. When they take their phone everywhere they go.
8. When question answered with question.
9. When they lock their phone and you don't have the code to unlock it.
10. If they once make you their priority and now you're just their option.
emotional love quote, betrayal saying

CHEATING leads you nowhere. If you cheat, you're cheating yourself. You're cheating your self-respect. You're cheating your honesty. You self comittment. You cheat everyone around you, you cheat your pride, your goals, your dreams. But most importantly, you let the BIG man UPSTAIRS down, because you cheated HIM.
emotional love quote, betrayal saying

I never regret loving somone in my past. At least, he was lucky enough to experience the love I had for him. Too bad, he wasted it.
emotional love quote, betrayal saying


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