What Is Women A Man Perspective: Best Quotation

On the one hand, we’ll never experi-
ence childbirth. On the other hand,
we can open all our own jars.——BruceWillis
what is women quotes

Woman is the soul of man, the vision that lights his way. Woman is glory.
—Man of La Mancha (1972)

My father used to say that a man could never outdo a woman when it comes
to love or revenge.——War of the Roses (1989)

People are afraid of solitude, especially women. They need someone to crush.
—Olivier, Olivier (1992–French)

Talking between men and women never solved anything. When we think,
they feel. They are creatures of the heart.——AWalk in the Clouds (1995)

My understanding of women goes only so far as the pleasures.——Alfie (1966)

That’s what I love about high school girls; no matter how old I get, they
always stay the same age.——Dazed and Confused (1993)

Why is it that a woman always thinks that the most savage thing she can say
to a man is to impugn his cockmanship?——Network (1976)

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